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TensorBoardLogger.jl is an experimental library for logging arbitrary data to Tensorboard with no dependencies other than ProtoBuf.jl.

Many ideas are taken from UniversalTensorBoard and from TensorBoardX.


To use the library you must create a Logger object and then log data to it.

  • Logger(dir_path) creates a logger saving data to the folder dir_path
  • log_value(logger, name, val) logs to logger the value val under the tag name

Supported values

At the moment, you can log the following values:

  • Real scalar data
  • Complex scalar data, which will show up as two real quantities name/re and name/im
  • Histograms passed as an array which will be automatically binned or passed as a tuple of bins/heights of pre-binned data.


using TensorBoardLogger

lg = Logger("runs/run-12", overwrite=true)

for step=1:100
    ev = log_value(lg, "quan/prova1", step*1.5, step=step)
    ev = log_value(lg, "quan/prova2", step*2.5, step=step)

    x0 = 0.5+step/30; s0 = 0.5/(step/20);
    edges = collect(-5:0.1:5)
    centers = collect(edges[1:end-1] .+0.05)
    histvals = [exp(-((c-x0)/s0)^2) for c=centers]
    data_tuple = (edges, histvals)

    # Log pre-binned data
    log_histogram(lg, "hist/cust", data_tuple, step=step)
    # Automatically bin the data
    log_histogram(lg, "hist/auto", randn(1000).*s0.+x0, step=step)


I would really like to enable logging of more types of data and expand this package. For now I plan on adding log_image and log_scalars very soon.

I would also like to find a way to log whole curves at each timestep.

Contributions are welcome! You can get in touch by opening an issue, sending me an email or by saying hi on slack (@PhilipVinc).

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