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Welcome to the MagicSigns wiki!

There's also a great tutorial video by VariationVault here!

Sign overview

Click the names to get more info about each available sign.

Name Description
Clear Sign Clears the player's inventory.
Command Sign Executes commands in the player's context.
Console Command Sign Executes commands in the console's context.
Creative Mode Sign Sets the gamemode to creative.
Enchant SignNew! Allows you to enchant items.
Unsafe Enchant SignNew! Allows you to enchant items without enchantment level restrictions.
Feed Sign Refills your food bar.
Heal Sign Heals you by a certain amount.
Health Sign Sets your health to a value.
Level Sign Adds a certain amount of levels to your player.
Repair Sign Repairs items.
Rocket Sign Shoots you in the air.
Speed Sign Makes you run faster.
Survival Mode Sign Sets the gamemode to survival.
Teleport Sign Teleports you to coordinates.
Permission Sign Gives users permissions.
LPermission SignNew! Gives users permissions in the current world.
WPermission SignNew! Gives users permissions in a specified world.

Command overview

You can access MagicSigns commands via the /ms, /msigns or /magicsigns commands.

Command Description
/ms Point at a MagicSign and get information about it (also displays some help).
/ms edit View/change your edit mode. See SignEdit for more info.
/ms reload Reload the configuration.


Permission problems

It is extremly likely that permission problems are not a bug, but a problem on your side. Please re-check twice if you're giving the right players the right permissions.

  1. Make sure the players have the correct permissions. You can find them here.
  2. Make sure the sign is not protected by plugins like LWC. For LWC remove the protection with /cremove first and then enter /cpublic.
  3. If you use PermissionsEx, make the user group has build: true.

Thanks to theinfamousmielie.

When I put a sign in front of another one, the new sign disappears

This is a feature called SignEdit. You can disable it with /ms edit NONE.

When reporting an issue, please explain your problem as detailed and precise as possible. Also include which Bukkit version you are using and which plugins you use. You can report issues here.