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This is a list of enchantments that you can use on Enchant signs and Unsafe Enchant signs.

If there's anything wrong with this, abbrevations are weird or wrong or missing, please add an issue for this.

Enchantment Names
Protection Protection, protection, protect, p
Fire Protection Fire Protection, fireprotection, fireprotect, fp
Feather Falling Feather Falling, featherfalling, feather, f
Blast Protection Blast Protection, blastprotection, blast, b
Projectile Protection Projectile Protection, projectileprotection, projectile, proj
Respiration Respiration, respiration, resp, r
Aqua Affinity Aqua Affinity, aquaaffinity, aqua, aa
Thorns Thorns, thorns, t
Sharpness Sharpness, sharpness, sharp, damage, d
Smite Smite, smite
Bane Of Arthropods Bane Of Arthropods, baneofarthropods, baneof, bane, arthrophods, arthro, ba
Knockback Knockback, knockback, knock
Fire Aspect Fire Aspect, fireaspect, fire, fa
Looting Looting, looting, loot, l
Efficiency Efficiency, efficiency, eff, e
Silk Touch Silk Touch, silktouch, silk, st
Unbreaking Unbreaking, unbreaking, unbreak, durability, dura, ub, u
Fortune Fortune, fortune, for
Power Power, power, arrow, pow
Punch Punch, punch, arrowknockback, akb
Flame Flame, flame, flamearrow, fla
Infinity Infinity, infinity, arrowinfinite, ai, i
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