Purchasable MagicSigns

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All Magic Signs are purchasable. This means that you can always write the price to use the sign on the last line of the sign. And whenever a user wants to use the sign he has to pay the price.

The last line that contains the price can have 3 different values:

Name Description Example
Economy money This is just money you know from economy plugins such as iConomy and others. For this you need Vault and an economy plugin that is compatible with Vault. 23 - Just 23 "money".
Items It's also possible to use items as a price. The item names are just the same as in WorldEdit. You can also use data values: Just add a colon with the data value just after the name! i:SPONGE:23 - Costs 23 sponges.
i:log:3:8 - Costs 8 jungle logs.
Levels You can also pay with experience levels! lvl:10 - Costs 10 levels.


Rocket price with a price on it.

This sign would charge the user 20 units of money every time the user clicks it.

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