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SignEdit is a component of MagicSigns that allows you to edit and/or mask signs. This can be done in various 'EditModes'.

  1. To edit/mask a sign, first choose an edit mode with the command /ms edit [YOUREDITMODE], for example /ms edit auto (this will be saved).
  2. Then just click with another sign on the sign you want to edit. That's it!

For permissions, see here: SignEdit Permissions

EditModes Overview

  <td>Mask MagicSigns. This means that the signs will show a different text than it uses for its work. For example if you make a [[Permission sign]] and you mask it then your users wont see the permission but your custom text like 'Click here to get permissions!'.</td>

  <td>Edit all signs. This is equal to destroying and rebuilding the sign.</td>

  <td>Dont do anything. (When clicking a sign with a sign, the sign will just appear in front of the clicked sign; just as it would in vanilla Minecraft.)</td>
Edit Mode Description
AUTO MASK MagicSigns and EDIT all other normal signs.

EditModes are saved globally, so you don't have to set the edit mode for each sign.

Unmasking Masked MagicSigns

If you masked a MagicSign and you want to edit or view the original MagicSigns value, type /ms unmask while looking at the sign. This will reveal the original text of the sign. Then you can edit or mask it again.

Getting Help And Information About MagicSigns

The SignEdit component also includes the /ms command which not only shows you some interesting information about the MagicSign and some help what to do. Feel free to try it out!

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