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Installing dictionaries

Keepass2Android will load dictionaries for your current language both from AnySoftKeyboard and from Hacker's keyboard.

Automatic keyboard switching (requires ADB)

Starting with Keepass2Android 1.02-pre1, you can use the KeyboardSwap Plugin to switch to the KP2A keyboard automatically instead of bringing up the Input method selection dialog (e.g. after using the Share URL feature). To setup the plugin please follow the instructions on the PlayStore website

Deprecated: Automatic keyboard switching on rooted devices

In order to automatically switch to the KP2A keyboard and back, you need to

  • have a rooted device (per Android security policies)
  • have at least KP2A version 0.9.3-pre2
  • install the Secure Settings app with the "System+" module available in Secure Settings v. 1.3.4 and above. Note: This is no longer available for recent Android versions.
  • Go to the KP2A keyboard settings. Enable auto-switch on rooted devices.

If you go to a website, select "Share URL" -> Keepass2Android, the keyboard should be switched as soon as you locate the entry or when it's found automatically.