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Ethereum React Components

A library of frequently used Ethereum React components to display and handle addresses, transactions, accounts...

For a detailed documentation of all available components check out the generated storybook

WARNING: this lib is not production ready


Two projects using these components are


Our CI automatically bundles and publishes the latest production version to NPM and GitHub Releases

yarn add ethereum-react-components

Use in project

import { Identicon } from 'ethereum-react-components';

  <Identicon address="0xF5A5d5c30BfAC14bf207b6396861aA471F9A711D" />

For a detailed documentation check out e.g. the Identicon story


Clone & Storybook

git clone
cd ethereum-react-components
yarn storybook


Local Testing

cd ethereum-react-components
yarn link
cd my/project/with/ethereum/components
yarn link "ethereum-react-components"