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Dockerized Brother Scanner driver
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Brother Scanner

This is the dockerized scanner setup for Brother scanners. It allows you to run your scan server in a Docker environment and thus also on devices such as a Synology DiskStation.


Take note that the Brother scanner drivers require access to the host network, thus the container needs to be started with --net=host. See for example.


You can configure the tool via environment variables. The following are required:

Variable Description
NAME Arbitrary name to give your scanner
MODEL Model of your scanner (see Supported Models)
IPADDRESS IP Address of your scanner

You may also want to mount a directory to retrieve your data. Scanned files are stored in /root/brscan.

See for example how to use environment variables and mounts.


As the standard scripts are not working particularly well, you may customize them to your needs. Have a look in the script/ for ideas. These scripts show some examples on how one might use the buttons on the printer. If you change these scripts, make sure to leave the filename as is, as the Brother drivers will call these scripts. Each script corresponds to a shortcut button on the scanner. This way you can customize the actions running on your scanner. Hint: These scripts don't necessarily need to do scanning tasks. You can add any shell script here. You may mount the scripts like this: -v $PWD/script/:/opt/brother/scanner/brscan-skey/script/

FTPS upload

In addition to the storage in the mounted volume, you can use FTPS (Secure FTP) Upload. To do so, set the following environment variables to your values:

  • FTP_USER="scanner"
  • FTP_PASSWORD="scanner"
  • FTP_HOST=""
  • FTP_PATH="/"

This only works with the scripts offered here in folder script/ (see Customize).

Automatic Synchronization Solutions

Many automatic synchronization solutions, such as Synology CloudStation, are notified about changes in the filesystem through inotify (see As the volume is mounted in Docker, the security mechanisms isolate the host and container filesystem. This means that such systems do not work.

To solve this issue, a simple 'sed "" -i' can be performed on the file. The scripts in folder script/ use SSH to execute this command. This generates an inotify event, in turn starting synchronisation. To use this option, set the following variables to your values:

  • SSH_USER="admin"
  • SSH_PASSWORD="admin"
  • SSH_HOST="localhost"
  • SSH_PATH="/path/to/scans/folder/"

Of course this requires SSH access to the host. If this is not available, consider the FTPS option.

Supported Models

You can retrieve the supported models by the helper script

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