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GUI tool for NFS for Linux. Set a machine as Client/Server in a local network easily with this front-end for NFS.
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Simple NFS GUI for Linux

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Application written in Visual Basic Gambas.

  1. Open terminal and add the PPA for the Gambas language support :
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gambas-team/gambas3 -y ; sudo apt-get update 
  1. Download the package .deb and install it :
sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/Setup_Simple_NFS_GUI_1.0.9.deb ; sudo apt-get install -fy

Run it as root:

sudo -H Simple_NFS_GUI # or gksu Simple_NFS_GUI (Ubuntu 16.04 and older) 

After settings client and/or server, rerun it to add multiples folders. Reboot the machine.

The dependancies for the Gambas language will be automatically installed. The application is not in the PPA and can't be install with a classic apt install :

sudo apt install simple-nfs-gui # <<< don't work


This app allow you to set a machine as a Client or/and as Server in a local network, using the NFS protocol for Linux. This is a front-end for NFS, a GUI tool for NFS. In order to set a machine as Client/Server, you need to run this app as root, with sudo -H or gksu. Reboot the machine after settings.

Set a machine as a Client

  1. Select the option Client or Client+Server
  2. Click on ... to find the Server
  3. Select the IP of the Server
  4. Type the full path of the data shared by the Server
  5. Type a name for the mount point on the Client
  6. Click to set the machine as a Client

Set a machine as Server

  1. Select the option Server or Client+Server
  2. Click on ... to find a Client
  3. Select the IP of the Client
  4. Type the full path of the data shared by the Server
  5. Click to set the machine as Server
  6. Rerun this procedure for each Client

What does this app do ?

  • Install the minimal package relevant to NFS.
  • Edit the following files for a Server : /etc/exports ; /etc/hosts.deny ; /etc/hosts.allow
  • Edit /etc/fstab for a Client
  • Make a dir for the mount point for a Client



I'm the author of the famous VPN Lifeguard. If you want to reward my work, or thank me, then you can donate a few dollars HERE and I'll be very happy!


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