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VPN Lifeguard

Application to protect yourself when your VPN disconnects

Free & open source application to protect your privacy when your VPN disconnects. It blocks Internet access any others specified applications. It prevents unsecured connections after your VPN connection goes down. VPN Lifeguard will close down the specified applications and automatically reconnect your VPN. Then, reload applications when reconnecting the VPN.


  • Blocking traffic (P2P, Firefox...) in case of disconnection of the VPN
  • Be sure to go through the VPN by delete the main route internet
  • Automatically reconnect the VPN
  • Reload applications when VPN reconnected
  • No leakage to close applications when disconnecting

Very useful for browsing or go behind a P2P VPN without being exposed during disconnection issues.

VPN Lifeguard is guaranteed free of virus, report available here

screenshot Windows screenshot Linux


Portable version for Windows 7, 8, 10 (1 MB) : Windows

Linux Ubuntu/Debian/Mint (1 MB) : Linux

Install for Linux

Application written in Visual Basic Gambas.

  1. Open terminal and add the PPA for the Gambas language support :
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gambas-team/gambas3 -y && sudo apt-get update 
  1. Download the package .deb and install it :
sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/Setup_VPNLifeguard_for_Ubuntu.deb && sudo apt-get install -fy

The dependancy for the Gambas language will be automatically installed. The application is not in the PPA and can't be install with a classic apt :

$ sudo apt install setup_vpnlifeguard_for_ubuntu # <<< don't work



If you want to reward my work, or thank me, then you can donate a few dollars HERE and I'll be very happy!

VPN Lifeguard official website >>> LINK

Alternative solution : VPNDemon for Linux >>> LINK


Open source GNU/GPL - Copyright 2010 Philippe734