A Slide Menu, written in Swift, inspired by Slide Menu Material Design
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Swift-Slide-Menu (Material Design Inspired)

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A Slide Menu, written in Swift 2, inspired by Navigation Drawer on Material Design (inspired by Google Material Design) for iOS written in Swift 2.0

Please feel free to make pull requests :)

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  1. Add those 5 files on your project : BaseViewController.swift, ChildViewController.swift, MenuTableViewCell.swift, TableViewMenuController.swift and ZFRippleButton.swift. Don't forget to also add "background.jpg" on your asset directory.
  2. Add your own mini icons for menu on your asset directory
  3. Create ViewControllers Swift files for your ChildView, subclass with ChildViewController.
  4. Create on Storyboard (Interface Builder) your ChildViews (Just drag UIViewController)then set "Storyboard ID" AND "CustomClass"
  5. Subclass your main ViewController with BaseViewController and on Storyboard(Interface Builder), select your main ViewController, then add a Navigation Controller (Editor => Embed In => Navigation Controller).
  6. Finally, Add on your main ViewController:
//Add the childViews
addChildView("HomeScreenID", titleOfChildren: "HOME", iconName: "home")
addChildView("ContactScreenID", titleOfChildren: "CONTACT", iconName: "contact")

//Show the first childScreen




  • Multi-Device Full Support
  • Rotation Support
  • Material Design Effect


This library use a modified version of this awesome project: ZFRippleButton


Philippe BOISNEY (phil.boisney(@)gmail.com)