Go game with a dragon quest
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RageGo : Role-play and Aesthetic Game Engine for Go

DOC : http://doc.ragego.com/

Build Status


RageGo is an application which aims not only to implement the ancient game of Go but giving it a new touch by adding an adventurous RPG twist to it. The long-term aim is not only to create a traditional WeiQi (other name for the game) but to create a universe around it, with an interesting storyline so that the player may enjoy discovering the principles and background of the game while being able to see his progress through the RPG side of the thing.

Story Draft (!WIP!)

The player incarnates a young thief who goes in the spirit world to steal a powerful artifact (yet unknown) from the dragon people. He thus triggers their anger, and they will stop at nothing to prevent him from getting out this parallel dimension alive. But dragons are no savages, and rather than simply go and chop his head off, they decide to challenge him to the game of Go. If he succeeds at beating them all, he will be allowed to return safely, with the artifact.


--> Game modes

  • Multiplayer Mode (Main Goal) Allows two players to play on a single device, with acts as a virtual Goban medium. This mode will allow us to develop the Go Game Engine, create the GUI, and implement the link between them.

  • Online Mode (Short-Term Goal) Allows multiplayer play and possible exchanges between players. Will allow us to test the game in real time together, since we do not have many occasions to work at the same place and the same time. Will also permit a better understanding on how to better implement the game and to adapt the GUI to particular cases.

  • Tutorial (Medium-Term Goal) Permits to learn the basics of Go playing with exercises to understand the rules and underlying principles This will be implemented before creating the AI, as an exercise to familiarize with the use of the engine and thus ease the implementation of the AI. In a way, as it will produce teaching automatons, it will near us from preparing the AI.

  • Adventure/Story (Long-Term Goal) Allows the player to live the story built for the game and chose his path to earn his freedom back.(Details to be added) This mode is supposed to implement the tutorial.

  • Skirmish (Long-Term Goal) The player will be able to train against spirits AI or already vanquished enemies.