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Little Python app that puts an icon in your system tray and tells you when you have new messages
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Hello and welcome to my little app I wrote that puts
an icon in your system tray and tells you when you
have new messages on Reddit. It's pretty simple and
straight forward. Here is an example of what it looks

The requirements for this application are:
-	Systems that use GTK
-	Python 2.x
-	simplejson python module

-	pynotify, for nicer pop-ups
-	gnome-python2-gnomekeyring for secure password convenience.
-	xdg-open guesses your prefer browser more accurately.

To get the program you can either download the
source code using the "download" button above or you
can use the git link. There are no binaries and no
need for them.

There is nothing to compile and it runs from your
home directory.


There are basically two python files. One does the work of
communicating with reddit and one does the GTK sys tray stuff.


tells you the karma and comment karma of a user, e.g.

[phill@phillfed reddit_monitor]$ ./ philluminati
User philluminati has 94 karma and 6013 comment karma

[phill@phillfed reddit_monitor]$ ./ joelthelion
User joelthelion has 6065 karma and 3876 comment karma

Pretty simple eh? DWM users can pipe this into their status bar
or this can be used in other ways. As well as telling you karma
it can also tell you if you have new mail. To do this use
the -m option. You will be prompted for your Reddit password

[phill@phillfed reddit_monitor]$ ./ -m philluminati
Your reddit password please: 

False means :-(
True means yay!

As I said there is a tray icon version. Just run:


Fill out the dialog and that's pretty much all there is to it.
Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this.

Phillip (Philluminati) Taylor


Use of this application may completely and utterly destroy any chance
of you ever doing any work again. Use with caution.


1. When the program scraps reddit to tell you if you have new mail it
inadvertently marks new mail as having been read. We are currently
speaking to Reddit about this.

2. Reddit login process looks obfusicated. My app can't verify your
password or username are correct so please type them carefully. Test
with -m if you have troubles.

GNU GPL version 3

Fedora 9, GNOME, x86_64
Fedora 10, KDE 4+, 32 bit
Fedora 11, GNOME, x86_64
Fedora 11, Awesome, x86_64
Debian Sid, GNOME, i586
Debian Sid, Awesome, i586

Phillip (Philluminati) Taylor
25 years old
B.Sc. HONS Software Engineering
I currently write Python code professionally for a Gambling company
in London. It's all web based so excuse my GTK stuff.

Please feel free to submit patches to add support where needed
or other features. Also, note, there is absolutely no way I'm
going to contribute to a piece of software that is designed
specifically to game Reddit. That is strictly not our intention.
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