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Pusher Extension for Bolt

This extension enables realtime functionality through Pusher on your website.



  1. Login to your Bolt installation
  2. Go to "Extend" or "Extras > Extend"
  3. Type pusher-realtime into the input field
  4. Click on the extension name
  5. Click on "Browse Versions"
  6. Click on "Install This Version" on the latest stable version


  1. Open the extension config file ('/app/config/extensions/pusherrealtime.ohlandt.yml' or Extend -> "Config" button on the extension entry)
  2. Fill in your Pusher keys and ids. (important: whitespace between colon and value)
  3. Decide which events on which contenttypes you want to push

Enable and configure Pusher in your theme

Paste the following into the HEAD section of your HTML.

{{ enable_pusher() }}

This will render the following HTML in your theme to enable and setup the Pusher client library.

<script src="//"></script>
    var pusherKey = "YOUR-PUSHER-KEY";
    var pusher = new Pusher(pusherKey, {encrypted: true});

Listen on events

Currently this events will be pushed based on your configuration.

  • Channel {name of the contenttype}
    • Event created: Record was created
    • Event updated: Record was updated
    • Event deleted: Record was deleted

For this example, we listen on the created event on the entries channel and log the data to the console.

	var entries = pusher.subscribe('entries');
	entries.bind('created', function(data) {

The data will look like this.

  "id": "1",
  "contenttype": "entries",
  "record": {

For more information on how to use the Pusher client library, look here.

Twig Functions

enable_pusher() - Returns all the JS needed to set up Pusher in the frontend. (See above)

pusher_key() - Returns the public key needed to create a new Pusher instance in the frontend.


This extension does not only trigger Pusher events for content changes. You can hook into it to modify the data and trigger your own events.

Pusher Service

The configured Pusher instance can be found in $app['pusher']. You can use it to push your own events or use all other functions from the Pusher PHP Library.

Extension Configuration

The configuration of this extension can be found in $app['pusher.config']. You could use it to instantiate the Pusher service on your own (e.g. to set additional parameters).

Modifying Event Data

In case you want to modify the names of the channels and events or add additional data, you can listen to the PusherEvents::PREPARE_STORAGE_EVENT event.

protected function subscribe(EventDispatcherInterface $dispatcher)
    $dispatcher->addListener(PusherEvents::PREPARE_STORAGE_EVENT, [$this, 'onPrepareStorageEvent']);

public function onPrepareStorageEvent(PusherStorageEvent $event)
    $event->addExtraData('title', $event->getRecord()->title);

For all getters and setters, please take a look at src/Event/PusherStorageEvent.php.


This Bolt extension is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license