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Required Records

This extension lets you define required records. It's pretty useful when your application depends on some records in a resource contenttype.


  1. Login to your Bolt installation
  2. Go to "Extend" or "Extras > Extend"
  3. Type required-records into the input field
  4. Click on the extension name
  5. Click on "Browse Versions"
  6. Click on "Install This Version" on the latest stable version


This extension has no own config file. You can configure everything in your contenttypes.yml.

Here is an example with a simple resource ContentType for social media:

    name: Social Media
    singular_name: Social Media
            type: text
            class: large
            type: slug
            uses: title
            type: text
        - slug: twitter
          title: Twitter
        - slug: github
          title: Github
    default_status: published
    show_on_dashboard: false
    searchable: false
    viewless: true

As you can see, we just added the required section to the ContentType where you can define the records you need.

Optional Fields

In some cases, you want to set a field value for a record when it gets created but also want to allow the editor to override this value.

This can the archived with optional fields. Here is an example:

        - slug: twitter
          title: Twitter
        - slug: github
          title: Github

As you can see, we just added |o to the field name. Now the url field value can be changed any time because this extension only checks for records with the exact slug and title field.

This setting is individual to each defined record, not to the whole ContentType. For example, you could define a facebook record where the url field is not optional.

Note: Because of the | character in optional field names, the field name has to be in double quotes. Otherwise the YAML parser will throw an error.


Your required records won't be automaticly created. All you need to do is to hit one button or run one nut command though.

Via Admin Interface

In your backend, go to Extras => Required Records. There you'll see an overview of all your required records. Missing records are marked with a red background.

To create all missing records, just hit the Add Records button.

Via Nut Command

This extension is great for automatic deployments because you can create all missing records via a single nut command.

Command Description
app/nut required-records:show Shows all required records
app/nut required-records:check Lists all missing records
app/nut required-records:create Creates all missing records


This Bolt extension is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license