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Usually upgrading your SilverStripe installation just means overwriting files
and updating your database-schema.
- Backup your database
- Backup your webroot
- Download the new release and uncompress it to a temporary folder
- With these folders: cms, sapphire, googlesitemaps
- Delete your existing folders
- Extract and replace folders from your download (leave modules
and your custom directories alone)
- Moving your current folders (rather than installing on top) means
you can undo the installation, and ensures if the new release has no
longer contains some files, these files won't be left behind, which otherwise
could cause bugs.
- Visit (This adds new
fields/tables to the database, and empties your template cache)
- Check if any modules (e.g. blog or forum) in your installation are compatible
and need to be upgraded as well
- Check if you need to adapt your code to changed APIs, see