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The Free TNIL Project

Free TNIL is the working title of a community driven conlang inspired by John Quijada's Ithkuil. It includes a refactoring of the morphological system developed by Mr. Quijada, and incorporates ideas from category theory and frame semantics.

Design Goals

Engineering choices about Free TNIL will be made in accordance with the principles laid out in this document.

Goals for the language (in no particular order and subject to community review):

  • expressiveness,
  • unambiguity,
  • composability,
  • clear semantics,
  • separation of concerns,
  • parsimony.

Description of the project

Like other Philosophical/Ithkuilic languages, Free TNIL consists of a number of abstract categories marked morphologically on specific word-types. This document outlines the categories of the language. Morphology awaits the completion of the categories document.

This project is an experiment in computer-aided language development, with a twist. In addition to the usual tables of affixes and category values, these documents will contain programs for encoding and deciphering its text. The end goal of this project is not only the specification of a language, but also an implementation of it.

Where do I start?

We publish ideas for language features as "Requests for Comment", or "RFCs". These can be found in docs/rfc/. You are welcome to contribute as well.


Contributions and bug-fixes are welcome, and anybody may contribute. See here instructions.


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