A toolset for managing php configuration files
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The PHP Array Configuration Solution

What it is:
A means to open, edit, and write to php array config files (files which return a PHP config array).

How to use:
Currently in Version 0.1 (see https://github.com/Philzen/Php-Array-Configurator/wiki for Roadmap and Vision Statement), it consists of a library providing two classes for reading, updating and writing php array include files. Have a look at testConfigFile.php in the tests folder to get a first idea of how it can be used. All code in this project is annotated with PHP DocBlocks, so if you have a proper IDE you will have not much trouble using the classes straightaway.

Technical Nitty Gritty:
* based on PHP 5.3
* all files are stored in UTF-8 encoding
* to use library classes, a class autoloader is recommended

Definately Open-Source, free-of-charge for everybody but also provided "as-is" without any further liabilities by its creator(s) - such as in GNU, MIT or BSD Licence.
The only current exception to this general licence:
* No portion of this code may ever be reused in an application used in the military or the arms industry