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A total rewrite of Longwelwind's Phi mod for RimWorld
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A RimWorld chat and trading mod

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  1. Download from the releases page
  2. Extract it into your RimWorld/Mods folder (If you bought the game through Steam, this should be under somewhere like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\)
  3. Download and install HugsLib
  4. Load HugsLib first, then Phinix
  5. Restart your game and you should be good to go


  1. Download from the releases page
  2. Extract it wherever, entirely up to you
  3. Edit the server.conf file as you see fit with a text editor
  4. Run PhinixServer.exe


There are automated server builds for both the master and dev branches available through Docker Hub.
The image exposes the default port (16200/udp), so something like
docker run --tty --interactive --publish 16200:16200/udp thomotron/phinix:latest
(or the more terse docker run -tip 16200:16200/udp thomotron/phinix)
should do the trick.



  1. Load up a save or create a new one
  2. Open the Chat tab toward the bottom-right
  3. Click on Settings and enter the address and port of the server you want to connect to
  4. Click Connect
    The chat panel should change from being greyed-out to a blue background and the user list on the right of the panel will update to show you and anyone else that is online.


  1. Run PhiServer.exe
  2. Refer to step 1


Why are you rewriting Phi instead of updating it?
Due to the way the codebase was laid out, we decided it was easier to start from scratch rather than try to add our own features and fixes in

What stage is Phinix currently in?
We are building the foundation and core functionality of the mod

How long until there is a functional alpha?
It's here!

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