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Phoenicis PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac 5

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Phoenicis is the designated successor of PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac 4. It allows you to install and use non-native applications on your favorite operating system.

Supported operating systems:

  • Linux
  • Mac OSX

Supported engines:

  • Wine

Download on Flathub

Build and Run locally


  • Java 11+
  • Maven


mvn clean package


mvn install
cd phoenicis-javafx/
mvn exec:java

For more details (e.g. regarding dependencies) consider the documentation.

Build and Run in Online IDE

You can get a complete Phoenicis development setup with Gitpod, a free one-click online IDE for GitHub:

Open in Gitpod


To add or update scripts, please make pull requests to this repository:


Phoenicis is localized using Crowdin: If your language is not listed, please create an issue.


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