Docker based Wine building tool for Linux and macOS
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Phoenicis Winebuild is a python library and a command line tool that compiles winehq automatically. It is the designated successor of PlayOnLinux Winebuild service.

We also provide pre-built binaries for Linux and macOS:

Phoenicis Winebuild can:

  • run on any OS (Linux and Mac OS)
  • build wine for any target OS (see prerequisites).


  • Python 3

  • Docker

  • docker-py

    pip install docker

Linux user

Ensure that your current user belongs to the docker group. You might need to restart your session

OSX targeted builds

You need to extract Mac OS 10.8 SDK from XCode 4, compress it into a .tar.xz file and place it to darwin/SDK directory

How to use

Basic usage

After setup, run examples/ PYTHONPATH="$PWD" python examples/

Key concepts


An Environment is a pre-installed operating system where wine can be built. It corresponds to a docker image. We support currently two environment:

  • linux-x86-wine is a x86 environment containing all tools required to build wine for Linux
  • darwin-x86-wine is a x86 environment containing all tools required to cross-compile wine for MacOS


A container is the instanciation of an environment. It corresponds to a docker container. Thanks to containers, you can run multiple compilation inside a given environment at the same time


A Builder is the components that builds wine. A builder needs a container to operate. We currently support one kind of builder :

  • WineBuilder downloads the source of wine into /root/wine-git and runs a script


A script can be run inside a context initiated by a builder. We have two scripts:

  • builder_darwin_x86_wine
  • builder_linux_x86_wine

Web Services

After setup, run

Create an environment

  • Go to the endpoint /environments (http://localhost:5000/environments)

  • Grab the docker name of a supported environment (exemple: phoenicis/winebuild/linux-x86:wine)

  • Create an environement creation task

    curl -d '{"type": "EnvironmentCreationTask", "argument": "phoenicis/winebuild/linux-x86:wine"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://localhost:5000/tasks

  • Go to the endpoint /tasks to track the task creation process: You should get a response like this one:

    [{"argument": { "docker_name": "phoenicis/winebuild/linux-x86:wine_osxcross" }, "description": "Environment creation: phoenicis/winebuild/linux-x86:wine_osxcross", "end_date": null, "id": "698ed9bd-f0af-4ed4-9063-d058fb7ec391", "last_update_date": "Sun, 21 Oct 2018 14:22:51 GMT", "progress": 94, "running": true, "start_date": "Sun, 21 Oct 2018 14:18:39 GMT", "type": "EnvironmentCreationTask" }]

Create a wine build task

Make a POST request to the /tasks endpoint:

curl -d '{"type": "PhoenicisWinePackageCreationTask", "argument": {"os": "darwin", "distribution": "upstream", "arch": "x86", "version": "wine-3.0.3"}}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://localhost:5000/tasks

Advanced scripting

You have two example python files ( and If you need to tweak your build (select the version, use custom script, ...) you'll probably need to use the python API (See Key Concepts)


#!/usr/bin/env python
from core.Container import Container
from core.Environment import Environment
from builders.WineBuilder import WineBuilder

## Creates an environment that is suitable to compile darwin-x86 versiuon of wine
environment = Environment("wine", "darwin", "x86")
## Build the environment

## Starts a new container inside our environment
container = Container(environment)

## Creates a builder inside our container
builder = WineBuilder(container)

## Builds wine 3.0.3 with the script builders/builder_darwin_x86_wine"darwin", "x86", "wine-3.0.3")

## Archive the compiled binaries into wine-3.0.3-darwin.tar.gz


The fonts are ugly on macOS

Try to export this environement variable:

export FREETYPE_PROPERTIES="truetype:interpreter-version=35"