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How to add a script

  1. Select the right category
  • Accessories
  • Development
  • Games
  • Graphics
  • Internet
  • Multimedia
  • Office
  • Other
  • Science
  1. Create a new folder for your script inside that category. The folder structure should be:

    └── application-name
        ├── script-name
        │   ├── script.js
        │   └── script.json
        ├── miniatures
        │   └── main.png
        └── application.json

    Typically, script-name will be something like "Steam", "Online" or "v1.2".

    Even if the application name contains ®, ™ or the like, you should not use it in the folder name.

  2. Fill the files:

  	"scriptName": "Online",
  	"compatibleOperatingSystems": ["MACOSX", "LINUX"],
  	"testingOperatingSystems": [],
  	"free": true,
  	"requiresPatch": false
  • main.png: application icon (400px x 300px)
  • application.json: describes the application
  	"name":	"Steam",
  	"description": "Application description"
  1. Verify changes:
  • Ensure that the changes fulfill the code quality requirements and the files are formatted correctly (see tools).
  1. Create a pull request:
  • Please create one pull request per script if you want to commit multiple scripts.
  • use the following naming convention
    • for a new script: "Add <application name>" (e.g. "Add 7-zip")
    • for an updated script: "Update <application name> <what changed>" (e.g. "Update 7-zip to use Wine 2.1")