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ECC v1.21 (2016-09-14)

  • ECC SOURCE files released!, they include:
    • KODA AutoIt3 GUI's (KXF)
    • Photoshop images (PSD)
    • Fonts (TTF)
    • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
      Files are in the 'ecc-source' folder.
    • Updated links in the GUI to the new ECC website.
    • Updated the splashscreen image.
    • Adjusted all links to the new ECC homepage:
    • Reworked configuration GUI, placed options together where needed, deleted old options and TABS.
    • Selectable ECC DATABASE path!, put your database on a central location so every computer
      in a network can run the same data!
      • Some notes setting and using the ECC DATABASE path:
        • With manual input always use a ending slash .
        • Network paths are not listed, but you can type them manually like: \COMPUTER\PATH.
        • Wrong pathnames or no rights to write will reset the DB tot he default "ecc-system\database" location.
        • When configuring a location of a existing ECC configuration/database, you have to copy the database
          manually to the new location.
        • You may experience slow response form ECC when you store the datbaase on a network path.
        • ECC is not tested to run from multiple computers with the same database,
          the database could be "in use by another application" let me know if it works!
    • Added a new PHP class "ecc-system\manager\cIniFileRegular.php" to read and write INI files easily.
    • Database "empty" is now the updated version (save some scripts to be executed everytime)
    • Added some more translations to be made in the GUI.
    • Fixed link to TAB help on mainscreen to readme.md.
    • Manager: ecccli_datFileImporter.php, Fixed database fixed location, now reading ecc settings.
    • Fixed and added function to start SQlite browser without the autoit3 script!
    • Added 3 new metadata fields to ECC database and GUI, also being exported from and imported to ECC.
      • Perspective, Visual, Description
    • Some Code and GUI cleanup.
    • Added loading aimation for theme: afterhours, miss-kit-purple
    • Removed incomplete themes: miss-kit-bubblegum, green-grass, nature-full-green (only on fresh installations)
    • Placed Autoit and Xpadder docs in their respective folders now.
    • Updated Autoit3 Documentation.
  • ECC Startup
    • v3.0.0.1
      • Minor GUI adjustement for removed checkbox.
      • Fixed unpacking DAT files with spaces in the filenames.
    • v3.0.0.2
      • Using animated GIF instead of AVI for loading animations, you can make you own easily now!
        You can find instructions at emuControlCenter WIKI on GitHub.
  • ECC 3D Gallery
    • v1.2.0.0
      • Adjusted variable to fetch the proper websitelink from toolvariables.au3
  • ECC CreateStartmenuShotcuts
    • v1.0.0.4
      • Now fetching website link from toolvariables.au3
  • ECC Update
    • v1.2.0.1
      • Now fetching website link from toolvariables.au3
  • 3RD Party updates
    • Mplayer Redxii-SVN-r37153-4.8.2 to Redxii-SVN-r37871-4.9.3 (i686)
  • ECC Tool variables
    • v1.0.0.8
      • Added new variables for eccdb, now reading ecc settings.
      • Fixed an issue where the database could not be found at the "default" location.
    • Mobygames importer
      • v1.2.0.0
        • Added new fields to fill: Perspective, Visual
        • Description now in the META data location (instead of userdata)
  • Scripts
    • Commodore Amiga: Merged the eccScript with the getgemusconfig script, placed
      the Amiga Gamebase inside the ecc-system\datfiles folder.
  • DAT files updates
    • Amiga Gamebase v1.6 to v2.0