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Get the best multi-emulator frontend! - Manage roms and emulators for more than 200 gaming platforms with one tool!

emuControlCenter is a Console/Computer Rom-Manager & Frontend for various older and newer consoles/handheld/computer games and is build for people who want to play games quick 'n' easy without searching to much. ECC uses rom-releated meta and has extended search functions built-in, it supports bookmarks, ratings and a history for roms. You can also add images and preview them directy in the 'Resultview'. There is also a 'ImageCenter' build-in for a fullsize preview of screens and covers.

ZIP, 7-ZIP & RAR support It's possible to load and parse roms even when they are archived with ZIP, 7-Zip or RAR. emuControlCenter can get the checksums directly without unpacking compressed files. It's also possible to parse one or more ROMs from a single ZIP, 7-ZIP or RAR file!

Download emulators directly from emuDownloadCenter!

With the EDC module you can instantly download, install and configure emulators in a few clicks without searching for them on the internet!

More information here:

Import & Export images directly from EmuMovies / No-Intro With the build-in ‘ImageControlCenter’ it is possible to import No-Intro (CRC32 based) & EmuMovies (NAME based) images into ECC, you can also export them to these format, it’s fully configurable!

Import ROM information directly from MobyGames like: Developer, Publisher, Year, Perspective, Visual and Description!

Play video files MP4/FLV using MPlayer With the build-in VideoPlayer (using MPlayer) it is possible to play a videofile of the ROM you have selected, you can download these video’s directly from EmuMovies with the build-in ‘EmuMoviesDownloader’!

Advanced DATfile format The emuControlCenter datfiles are containing informations about languages, state of the rom, developer and more. This informations could easly transfered via ecc-datfiles, it’s possible to import CM MAME & RomCenter DAT files

ECC & GTK-Theme support It's possible to costumize how your ECC looks!, you can also select a Gtk+ 2.0 theme to improve the look even further!

Daemon tools LITE support (in use with a script) It's possible to mount and unmout CD-Image files with Daemon tools LITE, using a script for the platform.

Translatable ECC is translatable, so you can choose your desired language, is your language not yet supported?, please register to the forum we'll help you further!

Thanks for translating to:

[DE] Blackering / [EN] ECC & Phoenix / [ES] Jarlaxe / [FR] Cyrille / [GR] Alkis30 / [HU] Gruby & Delirious / [JP] Yoshi Matsu / [NL] Sebastiaan Ebeltjes (Phoenix) / [PT] Namnam / [RU] ALLiGaToR

Live! updates With eccUpdate you can update ECC directly to the most recent version, these updates include fixes/updates/additions.

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