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EDC Platform listing (total)

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Platform Category ECC ID
Acorn Archimedes Computer archi
Acorn Atom Computer atom
Acorn BBC Computer bbc
Acorn Electron Computer etron
Adobe Flash Games Misc flash
Amstrad CPC Computer cpc
Amstrad GX4000 Console gx4000
Amstrad PCW/Schneider Joyce Computer pcw
APF Electronics Imagination Machine Computer im
Apple 1 Computer apple1
Apple 2 Computer apple2
Apple 2GS Computer apple2gs
Apple 3 Computer apple3
Apple Lisa Computer lisa
Apple Macintosh Computer mtosh
Applied Technologies Microbee Computer mb
Atari 2600 Console a2600
Atari 5200 Console a5200
Atari 7800 Console a7800
Atari 8-bit series Computer a8bit
Atari Falcon Computer falcon
Atari Jaguar Console jag
Atari Jaguar CD Console jagcd
Atari Lynx Handheld lynx
Atari ST Computer st
Bally Astrocade Console ac
Bandai Wonderswan Handheld ws
Bandai Wonderswan Color Handheld wsc
Bondwell Model 2 Computer bw2
Camputers Lynx Computer clynx
Capcom Play System 1 Arcade cps1
Capcom Play System 2 Arcade cps2
Capcom Play System 3 Arcade cps3
Casio Loopy Console loopy
Casio PV-1000 Console pv1000
Casio PV-2000 Computer pv2000
Chip-8 Misc chip8
Coleco Adam Computer adam
Coleco ColecoVision Console col
Commodore 16/plus4 Computer c16plus4
Commodore 64 Computer c64
Commodore Amiga Computer amiga
Commodore Amiga CD32 Console amigacd32
Commodore C128 Computer c128
Commodore CDTV Console cdtv
Commodore PET Computer pet
Commodore VIC-20 Computer vic20
Comx WOL - Comx-35 Computer comx35
Cosmac VIP Computer vip
CVT Mega Duck/Cougar Boy Handheld mdcb
Cybiko Classic Handheld cybiko
DEC PDP-1 Computer pdp1
DEC PDP-7 Computer pdp7
DOSbox - DOS emulator Misc dosbox
Dragon Data - Dragon 32/64 Computer dragon
EACA/TS Colour Genie Computer cg
Elektor TV Games Console tvgames
Emerson Arcadia 2001 Console arc
Enterprise Systems - Enterprise 64/128 Computer enterprise
Entex Adventure Vision Handheld advision
Epoch/Yeno Super Cassette Vision Console scv
Exelvision EXL100 Computer exl100
Exidy Sorcerer Computer sorcerer
Fairchild Channel-F Console chaf
Fruit Machine Misc fruit
Fujitsu FM Towns Computer fmtowns
Fujitsu FM-7 Computer fm7
Funtech Super A'Can Console acan
Galaksija - Galaksija Plus Computer galplus
GamePark GP32 Handheld gp32
GCE/MB Vectrex Console vec
Hartung Game Master Handheld gm
Híradástechnika HT-1080Z Computer ht1080z
HomeLAB series - HomeLAB 4 Computer homelab4
IGS PolyGameMaster Arcade pgm
Interact Home Computer System Computer hcs
Interton VC-4000 Console vc4000
Jungle Soft Vii Console vii
Jupiter Cantab - Jupiter Ace Computer jupace
MAME Arcade Arcade mame
Matra/Hachette Alice Computer alice
Mattel Aquarius Computer aqua
Mattel Intellivision Console int
MCA Laserdisc Arcade Arcade ld
Memotech MTX 500/512 Computer mtx
MGT Sam Coupé Computer samc
Microkey Primo Computer primo
Microsoft X-Box Console xbox
Microsoft X-Box 360 Console xbox360
Mikrosha Radio-86RK Computer r86rk
MSX 2 Home Computer Computer msx2
MSX Home Computer Computer msx
MSX Turbo R (Panasonic FS-A1GT/ST) Computer msxtr
Namco System 11 Arcade s11
Namco System 22 Arcade s22
NEC PC-6001 Computer pc6001
NEC PC-8801 Computer pc8801
NEC PC-9801 Computer pc9801
NEC PC-Engine CD Console pcecd
NEC PC-FX Computer pcfx
NEC Supergrafx/PC-Engine 2 Console pce2
NEC Turbografx-16/PC-Engine Console pce
Nintendo 3DS Handheld 3ds
Nintendo DS Handheld nds
Nintendo FDS Console fds
Nintendo Game Boy Handheld gb
Nintendo Game Boy Advance Handheld gba
Nintendo Game Boy Color Handheld gbc
Nintendo GameCube Console gc
Nintendo N64 Console n64
Nintendo NES/Famicom Console nes
Nintendo Pokémon mini Handheld pmini
Nintendo Super Nintendo Console snes
Nintendo Virtual Boy Handheld vb
Nintendo Wii Console wii
Nintendo Wii U Console wiiu
Oric Atmos/Telestrat Computer oric
Panasonic 3DO Console 3do
Panasonic JR-200 Computer jr200
Philips CD-i Console cdi
Philips VG-5000 Computer vg5000
Philips Videopac G7000 Console vg7000
Philips Videopac+ G7400 Console vg7400
Pinball - Future Pinball Misc fp
Pinball - Visual Pinball Misc vp
RCA Studio II Console studio2
Robotron KC series Computer kc
Scumm Virtual Machine Misc svm
Sega Dreamcast Console dc
Sega Dreamcast VMU Handheld dcvmu
Sega Game Gear Handheld gg
Sega Master System Console sms
Sega Mega Drive 32X Console 32x
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Console gen
Sega Mega-CD Console smcd
Sega Model 1 Arcade model1
Sega Model 2 Arcade model2
Sega Model 3 Arcade model3
Sega Naomi Arcade naomi
Sega Pico Console pico
Sega Sammy Atomiswave Arcade atomisw
Sega Saturn Console sat
Sega SC-3000 Computer sc3000
Sega SG-1000 Console sg1000
Sega System 16 Arcade s16
Sega System 18 Arcade s18
Sega Titan Video game system Arcade stv
Seiko Ruputer/Matsucom OnHand PC Handheld onhandpc
Sharp MZ-2000 Computer mz2000
Sharp MZ-2500/SuperMZ Computer mz2500
Sharp MZ-700/1500 Computer mz1500
Sharp X1 Computer x1
Sharp X68000 Computer x68000
Signetics Pipbug Computer pipbug
Sinclair QL Computer ql
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Computer zxs
Sinclair ZX81 Computer zx81
SNK NeoGeo Arcade ng
SNK NeoGeo CD Console ngcd
SNK NeoGeo Pocket Handheld ngp
SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color Handheld ngpc
Sony PlayStation 1 Console ps1
Sony PlayStation 2 Console ps2
Sony PlayStation 3 Console ps3
Sony PlayStation Portable Handheld psp
Sony PocketStation Handheld pstation
Sony ZiNc (ZN-1/ZN-2) Arcade zinc
Sord M5 Computer sordm5
Spectravideo SV318/328 Computer sv318
Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer Computer trs80
Tatung Einstein TC-01 Computer einst
Tesla PMD-85 Computer pmd85
Texas Instruments TI-82 Calculator ti82
Texas Instruments TI-83 Calculator ti83
Texas Instruments TI-85 Calculator ti85
Texas Instruments TI-86 Calculator ti86
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Computer ti99
Thomson MO5 Computer mo5
Tiger Electronics Game.com Handheld gamecom
Tomy Tutor/Pyuta Computer tutor
V. I. Lenin L'vov/Lviv Computer lviv
Videoton TV-Computer Computer tvc
Vtech Creativision Console cv
Vtech Laser 100/110 Computer l100
Vtech Laser 200/210/310 Computer l200
Vtech Laser 350/500/700 Computer l350
Watara Supervision Handheld svn
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