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Emulator gcube

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Emulator: Gcube
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Developement state: :red_circle: 2005

Gcube is a emulator for Nintendo GameCube made by Monk and has a Freeware license, the GUI language is English.

The latest version of the emulator on EDC is 0.4-source (x86), released on 2005-01-12, it runs on ** **, you can start this emulator with Makefile.

This emulator does NOT specificly need BIOS image(s) to start ROM files!

Gcube is a very impressive GameCube emulator, available for Windows as well as Mac and Linux. Unfortunately Gcube does not have a graphical interface, and as such, is command-line driven, so reading the documentation would be advisable. Gcube is able to play into many games, but was unfortunately discontinued. However, Monk has released the source code to the emulator so any other developer is free to pick up the project and continue development.

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Version OS Release date Info DL Size
0.4-source 2005-01-12 679 KB
0.3 2004-12-03 913 KB

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