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Emulator xm7

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Emulator: XM7
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Developement state: :white_circle: 2014

XM7 is a emulator for Fujitsu FM-7 made by PI. and Ryu Takegami and has a Freeware license, the GUI language is Japanese.

The latest version of the emulator on EDC is 3.4L62 (x86), released on 2014-04-23, it runs on Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10, you can start this emulator with Win32\XM7.exe.

:warning: Please note: This emulator needs BIOS image(s) to start ROM files!

XM7 is an emulator for the Fujitsu FM-7. NOTE: Emulator and Website are in Japanese.

:link: Emulator website



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Version OS Release date Info DL Size
3.4L62 2014-04-23 222 KB
2.9L62-V2 2014-04-23 199 KB
2.9L62 2014-04-23 198 KB
1.1L62 2014-04-23 202 KB

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