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Phonological CorpusTools

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This document contains installation instructions for Phonological CorpusTools (PCT). For a description of available functionality, please refer to the documentation available on ReadTheDocs (

Standard installation (executable)


(NOTE: This method requires that you are running a 64-bit version of windows. You can check this by in Control Panel -> System and Security -> System.)

Download the latest version's installer from the Phonological CorpusTools release page ( Double-click this file to install PCT to your computer. It can then be run the same as any other program, via Start -> Programs.

Mac OS X

Download the file 'Phonological.CorpusTools-1.1.0.dmg' from the Phonological CorpusTools releases page ( Install Phonological CorpusTools by dragging the app into the Applications directory.


There is currently no executable option available for Linux operating systems. Please use the fallback installation method below to install from source.

Fallback installation (

Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux


If you expect to use the acoustic similarity module, there are additional dependencies:

Download the latest version of the source code for Phonological CorpusTools from the releases page ( After expanding the file, you will find a file called '' in the top level directory. Run it in one of the following ways:

  1. Double-click it. If this doesn't work, access the file properties and ensure that you have permission to run the file; if not, give them to yourself. In Windows, this may require that you open the file in Administrator mode (also accessible through file properties). If your computer opens the .py file in a text editor rather than running it, you can access the file properties to set Python 3.x as the default program to use with run .py files. If the file is opened in IDLE (a Python editor), you can use the "Run" button in the IDLE interface to run the script instead.

  2. Open a terminal window and run the file. In Linux or Mac OS X, there should be a Terminal application pre-installed. In Windows, you may need to install Cygwin ( ). Once the terminal window is open, nagivate to the top level CorpusTools folder---the one that has in it. (Use the command 'cd' to navigate your filesystem; Google "terminal change directory" for further instructions.) Once in the correct directory, run this command: python3 install. You may lack proper permissions to run this file, in which case on Linux or Mac OS X you can instead run sudo python3 install. If Python 3.x is the only version of Python on your system, it may be possible or necessary to use the command python rather than python3.

Phonological CorpusTools should now be installed! Run it from a terminal window using the command pct. You can also open a "Run" dialogue and use the command pct there. In Windows, the Run tool is usuall found in All Programs -> Accessories.