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Phorum commented Jun 11, 2011

I am aware of only 1 line that prevents phorum 5 from being mysql 3.23 compatible.

line 393 in include/mysql.php:

$sql="($sql and status=".PHORUM_STATUS_HOLD.") union ($sql and status=".PHORUM_STATUS_HIDDEN.")";

can be changed to:

$sql= "$sql AND status IN (".PHORUM_STATUS_HOLD.", ".PHORUM_STATUS_HIDDEN.")";

which is also a more efficient query. mysql 3.23 doesn't have a "union" statement.

good luck and thanks for doing a great job!


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Phorum commented Jun 11, 2011

no, this "fix" won't be incorporated.
we don't support mysql3 and phorum-5.1 has even more dependencies on mysql4 with its fulltext search, also its not really a more efficient query.
also in phorum 5.0.x there is a query in the newflags handling which depends on mysql4 (where clause on delete with limit if I remember correctly).

By: ts77

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