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template problem in 5.3.0 #872

AbsolutelyFreeWeb opened this Issue July 03, 2011 · 5 comments

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AbsolutelyFreeWeb Thomas Seifert

Emerald and lightweight have problem at least when there is no visible subforum available:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: YouAreHere in httpdocs\phorum\cache\tpl-emerald-header-d31236b219a46218513eac11cd7ee675.php-stage2 on line 178

PHP Notice: Undefined index: MarkAllForumsRead in httpdocs\phorum\cache\tpl-emerald-index_flat-e337cdf0d41d1c43db3a6fcfe1700f99.php-stage2 on line 8

purging cache does not work...
if folder or forum is changed to classic it works..

Thomas Seifert
mysnip commented July 03, 2011

Do you have some custom language file installed?
I could only find references for that regarding language entries. Add the two entries from the main english language file and you should be fine.

That classic doesn't show these errors could only mean that its not up to speed with the two other templates.


No Sir, I do not have anything extra installed at all. No custom languages.

Thomas Seifert
mysnip commented July 03, 2011

No installed other languages? Just the one english file (include/lang/en_US.UTF-8.php ) from the repository?
Could you check if you have
"YouAreHere" => "You are here",
"MarkAllForumsRead" => "Mark All Forums Read",

in your language file?

I don't see another way for the warning beside missing language entries.
Could it be that you updated and the old "english.php" is still in there and in use?


you are completely right! :) the emerald and lightweight started working.

I did everything as suggested in documentation though. I upgraded by uploading new files over the old ones. Then I ran the upgrade, and it informed me about the files I should delete (english.php was not one of them) and I deleted all files it said. then it went through and said upgrade was successful (15 steps). Could be good to add english.php to the upgrade wizard as one of the files that must be deleted.

Thomas Seifert
mysnip commented July 05, 2011

We'll add some sanity check for language files which will run on installation for that.
Keeping the issue open for that purpose.

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