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Welcome to the Phorum Wiki

The Phorum team uses this Github Repository to keep track of code changes. This provides you with a visible change history, comparison between different commits and a way to report bugs and issues with the code.

If you would like information on accessing our github repository, have a look at the generic github instructions. Keep in mind that the "master" branch in github is our development branch. You might want to go with the phorum_5_2 branch for the current stable release.

In the docs directory of your Phorum package, you will find some documentation. This documentation is available on line as HTML pages as well.

A page has been created to document Phorum Templates. This information will be incorporated in the 5.2 documentation as well. Till then, you can find it here: TemplateDocumentation.

Maurice (mmakaay) has rewritten the documentation for writing modules. It should be considered essential reading if you've never written a Phorum module before and can be found in your downloaded package under docs/creating_mods.txt.

Phorum modules

There are two wiki-pages showing our modules

Modules for Phorum-5.2 (the current stable release)
Modules for Phorum-5.1 (our previous stable release) 

Phorum templates

There is a wiki page showing the templates created by users

Templates for Phorum-5.2 (the current stable release) 

Phorum Development issues

How are database upgrades handled between Phorum versions (since 5.2)
Whats the new stuff in 5.2?
Open API's for 5.3