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Phorum development tools

This repository holds tools that are useful to Phorum coders.

 * build_phorum_module

   This tool prepares a Phorum module for distribution. It reads
   the info from the info.txt file and uses that for building
   the distribution packages (in zip and tar.gz format).

   Documentation files for the module (README, INSTALL, UPGRADE,
   COPYING, AUTHORS, NEWS, ChangeLog, Changelog, info.txt) can
   contain some special tags that area replaced with real
   data by the build_phorum_module tool:

   @VERSION@ version from info.txt
   @MODULE_ID@ the module name as used at the filesystem level
   @PACKAGE@ the same as @MODULE_ID@-@VERSION@
   @TITLE@ the title from info.txt
   @DESCRIPTION@ the description from info.txt, word wrapped at 72 chars,
                  stripped HTML tags

 * clone_all_repositories

   A tool to create a git clone of all Phorum repositories
   in a local directory. Repositories for which the target directory
   already exists, are skipped during processing.

System requirements for using the tools (the names that were used
are Ubuntu package names):

 * php5-cli
 * php5-curl
 * zip
 * git

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