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+Phorum development tools
+This repository holds tools that are useful to Phorum coders.
+Currently, only one finished tool is available, but there will be
+more in the future.
+ * build_phorum_module
+ This tool prepares a Phorum module for distribution. It reads
+ the info from the info.txt file and uses that for building
+ the distribution packages (in zip and tar.gz format).
+ Documentation files for the module (README, INSTALL, UPGRADE,
+ COPYING, AUTHORS, NEWS, ChangeLog, Changelog, info.txt) can
+ contain some special tags that area replaced with real
+ data by the build_phorum_module tool:
+ @VERSION@ version from info.txt
+ @MODULE_ID@ the module name as used at the filesystem level
+ (mods/<id>/<id>.php)
+ @PACKAGE@ the same as @MODULE_ID@-@VERSION@
+ @TITLE@ the title from info.txt
+ @DESCRIPTION@ the description from info.txt, word wrapped at 72 chars,
+ stripped HTML tags

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