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+Changelog for @PACKAGE@
2011-07-21 1.0.8
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-Module : Automatic HTTP Path
-Version : 1.0.8
+Module : @TITLE@
+Version : @VERSION@
Author : Maurice Makaay <>
-This module automatically sets the HTTP Path configuration option, based
-on the active URL. This can be useful if for some reason you run one
-Phorum install under various host names and/or directories (e.g. a
-Phorum on a private space intranet server that is also accessible
-through a public URL or a server that has to be accessible on both an
-http:// and https:// URL).
- Unpack the archive;
-- Move the directory "auto_http_path" to the directory "mods"
+- Move the directory "@MODULE_ID@" to the directory "mods"
within your Phorum installation;
- Login as administrator in Phorum's administrative interface and
go to the "Modules" section;
-- Enable the module "Automatic HTTP Path".
+- Enable the module "@TITLE@".

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