Show the moderators for a forum on the index, list and/or read pages.
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Module  : @TITLE@
Version : @VERSION@
Author  : @AUTHOR@

This module requires Phorum @REQUIRED_VERSION@ or later.


You can choose whether to include administrators in the list of
moderators or not.

Note: This module can make use of the Phorum caching system to cache
the gathered moderator information. If you do, then beware that changes
involving moderators only become visible after the cache expires and
refreshes. For quick updates, you would need to flush the cache from
the admin interface.


- Unpack the archive;

- Move the directory "@MODULE_ID@" to the directory "mods"
  within your Phorum installation;

- Login as administrator in Phorum's administrative interface and
  go to the "Modules" section;

- Enable the module "@TITLE@";

- Go to the module's settings page and edit the module
  configuration to your likings.


* By CSS styling the automatically displayed lists:

  The default module templates provide some CSS classes to work with.
  You can apply a style to the <span>'s class "mod_show_moderators_index"
  for styling the moderator lists on the index page. You can style the
  <div>'s class "mod_show_moderators_footer" for styling the moderator
  list that is shown in the page footer for the read and list pages.
  Here are some examples of what you could add to the site's CSS code:

  /* use a small font for the list */
  #phorum span.mod_show_moderators_index {
      font-size: 10px;

  /* remove border and background color and move the list to the right */
  #phorum div.mod_show_moderators_footer {
      border: none;
      background-color: transparent;
      text-align: right;

  Note: the #phorum reference in the code is needed for working correctly
  with the "emerald" template. If you have a different site template, then
  this CSS code might have to be something else for you.

* By creating your own templates for automatic diplaying:

  This module makes use of module templates. These are used for rendering
  the moderator lists for the automatic displaying features. You can enable
  automatic displaying from the module's settings screen.

  If you have automatic displaying enabled for the index page, then the
  template "mods/@MODULE_ID@/templates/templatename/index.tpl" will be
  used for formatting the moderator list for each displayed forum.
  For automatic displaying of the moderators on the list and read pages,
  the template "mods/@MODULE_ID@/templates/templatename/footer.tpl" will
  be used.

  If you want to modify these templates to make them work better for your
  site's template, then do not edit the template files that were in the
  module distribution. Instead, copy the full directory




  (asuming that your site's template is stored as "templates/yourtemplatename").
  After doing so, you can edit the files in the new directory. Phorum will
  automatically recognize that you have created a specific template set to
  use for your site's active template.

* By adding template code to your site's template:

  If you disable automatic displaying of the moderator lists, you can
  manually add code to your site's template to make them show up.

  * index (index_new.tpl / index_classic.tpl):

    For the index page, the moderator info is added to the {FORUMS} list.
    Inside the {LOOP FORUMS} loop, you will have access to the template
    loop over the {FORUMS->MODERATORS} array to display all moderators.
    Inside such loop, you have access to {FORUM->MODERATORS->PROFILE}
    (URL to the moderator's profile page) and {FORUM->MODERATORS->DISPLAY_NAME}
    (the moderator's name). Used in some very basic code:

      This forum has {FORUMS->MODERATOR_COUNT} moderator(s).
        <a href="{FORUMS->MODERATORS->PROFILE">

  * list (list.tpl / list_threads.tpl) and read (read.tpl / read_threads.tpl)

    For the list and read pages, the moderator info is put in the variables
    {MODERATORS} and {MODERATOR_COUNT}. The data in these variables is
    the same as the data that can be found in the index page variables.
    Used in some basic code for the list and read pages:

    This forum has {MODERATOR_COUNT} moderator(s).
      <a href="{MODERATORS->PROFILE">