Example of how to write the files needed to use phforge in LabVIEW
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Boolean to String.vi
Write Simple smFRET Photon-HDF5 File.vi
Write Temp Data HDF5 File.vi
Write Temp YAML File.vi
phforge Script.vi



Example LabVIEW VIs to save Photon-HDF5 files using phforge (to learn more about phforge, please visit: http://photon-hdf5.github.io/phforge/).

This repository contains 5 LabVIEW VIs (version 2010) :

  • phforge Script.vi
  • Write Temp YAML File.vi
  • Write Temp Data HDF5 File.vi
  • Write Simple smFRET Photon-HDF5 File.vi
  • Boolean to String.vi

The first two "Write" VIs need to be executed before running phforge Script.vi, as the files they generate need to be passed as arguments of the Script.

![Write Temp YAML File.vi Front Panel](Figures/Write Temp YAML File.vi Front Panel.png?raw=true "Write Temp YAML File.vi Front Pane;")

Write Temp YAML File.vi (shown above) is a VI used to write the information needed to describe a single-laser, two detectors smFRET experiment. Boolean to String.vi is a utility used by this VI. The VI takes a Metadata cluster as input argument. Note that measurement types other than "smFRET" will require additional parameters and a modified Write Temp YAML File.vi code. Modifications should be easy based on this example and referring to the photon-HDF5 documentation.

![Write Temp Data HDF5 File.png](Figures/Write Temp Data HDF5 File.png?raw=true "Write Temp Data HDF5 File.vi")

Write Temp Data HDF5 File.vi (shown above) is a VI that writes the measurement's data in a temporary HDF5 file used by phforge Script.vi. The VI takes two arrays (Photon Detector IDs and Photon Time Stamps) as input arguments. This VI requires that the HDF5 library and h5labview wrapper be installed.

![phforge Script.png](Figures/phforge Script.png?raw=true "phforge Script.vi")

phforge Script.vi (shown above) takes the two files generated by the above VIs as input arguments, and requires an additional file path to save the final Photon-HDF5 file. Warning: if the destination file path is already used by another file, this file will be overwritten!

phforge Script returns the following parameters:

  • Error out: standard LabVIEW error structure
  • Standard Output: message returned by phforge
  • Standard Error: error message returned by phforge
  • Return Code: 0 if no error, 1 if an error occurred during the execution of phforge.

![Write Simple smFRET Photon-HDF5 File.png](Figures/Write Simple smFRET Photon-HDF5 File.png?raw=true "Write Simple smFRET Photon-HDF5 File.vi")

Write Simple smFRET Photon-HDF5 File.vi (shown above) puts things together and takes 4 input arguments (Metadata cluster, Photon Detector IDs and Photon Time Stamps arrays and Destination File Path).