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This folder contains LabVIEW examples of how to read Photon-HDF5 files in LabVIEW.

The example VIs are saved for LabVIEW 2010 on Windows.

To use these VIs, prior installation of the free and open-source HDF5 LabVIEW API "h5Labview" ( is needed in order to provide HDF5 read/write functionalities within LabVIEW.

The example uses version of h5labview, which also requires prior installation of HDF5 library v. 1.8.14 or newer from

In order to get it to work, you may have to follow this advice from the h5labview website:

Once you've installed HDF5, copy hdf5.dll, szip.dll and zlib.dll from the "bin" folder of the installation directory to LabVIEW's resource folder. This will ensure LabVIEW locates the correct version.

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