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X3msnake committed Jan 3, 2020
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@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ Some of the slicers that are available to date.
- [DecreasePixel CLI]( - Same as the above but Command Line version. Confirmed working without issue [in a FB post]( *(Hans De Jong)*
- [cbddlp - xycompensate]( *(yaqwsx)* - [check his blog](
- [Hexeditor Okteta]( template for .photon format. *(Hans De Jong)*
- [Slic3r PE's SL1 files to Photon files Converter]( *(fookatchu)*
- [PRUSA SLICER SL1 files to Photon Converter]( *(fookatchu)*
- [pyPhotonfile - library for photon file manipulating](*(fookatchu)*
- [cbddlp, photon, photonS, pws - File cross converter]( *(Ordenritterlein)*
- [PNG2Photon - Convert a image to a photon file]( *(0x3f00)*

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