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A Minecraft: Java Edition Client based on Phpcraft.
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Phpcraft Client

A Minecraft: Java Edition Client based on Phpcraft.


You'll need PHP, Composer, and Git.


  • Debian: apt-get -y install php-cli composer git
  • Windows:
    1. Install Cone, which will install the latest PHP with it.
    2. Run cone get composer as administrator.
    3. Install Git for Windows.


First, we'll clone the repository and generate the autoload script:

git clone "Phpcraft Client"
cd "Phpcraft Client"
composer install --no-suggest --ignore-platform-reqs

Next, we'll run a self check:

php vendor/craft/core/selfcheck.php

If any dependencies are missing, follow the instructions, and then run the self check again.


To update the Phpcraft Client and its dependencies:

git stash
git pull
composer update --no-dev --no-suggest --ignore-platform-reqs
git stash pop

If you have made local changes, they will be saved and re-applied after the update.

That's it!

Now that you've got the Phpcraft Client all set up, you can start it:

php client.php

It also has built-in commands; type .help in it for more information.

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