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A PHP library for all things Minecraft: Java Edition.

This project has been abandoned! The limited subset of 1.8.x - 1.15.x that has been implemented should work fine. If and how anything after that works is entirely dependant on what changed about the protocol.


You'll need PHP (CLI), Composer, and Git.


  • Debian: apt-get -y install php-cli composer git
  • Windows:
    1. Install Cone, which will install the latest PHP with it.
    2. Run cone get composer as administrator.
    3. Install Git for Windows.

Projects using Phpcraft

Using Phpcraft

Thanks to Composer, using Phpcraft is really easy. Just head into your project folder and run:

composer require craft/core --no-suggest --ignore-platform-reqs

Next, we'll run a self check:

php vendor/craft/core/selfcheck.php

If any dependencies are missing, follow the instructions, and then run the self check again.

Finally, you can require "vendor/autoload.php"; to use Phpcraft's many APIs.

In addition to the "Projects using Phpcraft" section above serving up great example code, there's also the docs and wiki for you to read.


You can use modules to extend the functionality of Phpcraft:


  • Thanks to and the people who're maintaining it.
  • Thanks to Jetbrains for providing me with an open-source license for PhpStorm — it's a lovely PHP IDE, and made working on this project much easier.

Phpcraft is not partnered or associated with Microsoft or Mojang.