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Home-Made Games

What is this?

This page contains links and information about multiple games created and being maintained by Code Review Stack Exchange members. It includes links for playing the games, as well as for source code repositories and other relevant information about the games and their creators.

Zomis Games

This is a collection of board-type games which are playable online, as well as with AIs. These include the Royal Game of Ur, Connect4, and Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe. Zomis games also includes Minesweeper Flags, which has been online for over 10 years!

  • Play multiple various games
    • Available games include:
      • Hanabi
      • Artax
      • Quixo
      • Reversi
      • 3D Tic-Tac-Toe / Connect Four
      • Connect Four
      • Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe
      • Royal Game of Ur
      • Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Select Zomis server
    • Connect with your GitHub or Google account, or log in as a guest
    • Invite a player or an AI to a game
    • Visit the source code repository: Zomis/Server2
    • Possible to play locally as well, without connecting to a server (reusing code between server and client using Kotlin!)
  • Play Minesweeper Flags
    • Visit source code repository for Minesweeper Flags client: Zomis/minesweeper-flags-client
    • Source code repository for Minesweeper Flags server is private
  • Created by: Simon Forsberg

Checkers Treasury

Play a few varieties of Checkers online against another player or an AI. Includes a board editor which allows to start a game from a custom position, game moves history, multiple GUI themes, and more.


An online card game where you battle another player or an AI for victory. Currently has 2 game modes: Cyborg Chronicles is a dystopion, cyper-punk future where Bios and Mechs fight; Mythos features deities, heroes and creatures from various mythologies.

  • Play Cardshifter
    • Choose server: Official Game Server
    • Type a user name & login
    • From the chat lobby, select a player or AI to invite (right)
    • Select a game to play (bottom)
    • Click "Invite"
    • Select your cards
    • Start game
  • Visit the source code repositories: Cardshifter

Pixelpocalypse Games

A collection of multi-platforms (iOS, Android, desktop) games, including Castleparts, Ballyhoop Basketball, and VoxelCity.

FreezePhoenix Snake Game

A browser-based remake of the classic Snake game.

  • Play FreezePhoenix Snake Game
    • Game starts as soon as page loads
    • Use arrow keys or WASD, (or swiping on mobile) to control the snake
    • Press "r" to start a new game (Reload the page on mobile)


A game of management and rpg mixed togheter. This game is inpired by Ogame, Tribal wars and mixed some element from RPG games like having a character. This game is in early development.