Full featured wrapper for leptonica 1.77.0
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LeptonicaSharp (Oct. 2018) Wrapper

Full featured wrapper for leptonica 1.77.0 (Sep.2018) Library


  • VB.Net and C# 4.0 and up Library
  • supports all (2677) Leptonica-Functions
  • view Pix directly in windows-forms
  • included all propertys from Leptonica classes
  • complete documentation and debug-informations from C-Files included
  • class extensions for the most used functions (with optional Parameters)
  • Developer Help-File (V1.77.0) available (Thanks to FDnCRed)


  • more detailed checks of input parameters (e.g. specific pix depths)


  • Use the class functions to use the optional Parameters (optionals moved to the back) .
  • Use _All to use the original Leptonica order for the Parameters.
  • Marshaling of Arrays needs a fixed array Size. If Parameter n oder nalloc exists, i use this one, else i use "1" instead. e.g. Pix needs to be initialized with ((wh)(d/8))-1 (Byte).
  • UInteger is not supported by the marshaller. I use Byte instead. (4 Bytes = 1 UInteger). For Picture arrays this is a good thing, for other parts convert it manually to UInteger.

How to Implement (From Github)

  1. Clone the Repository and run the Project. if you like to Debug the Leptonica.dll and the C-Source download the Debugging.Zip package from Releases and copy all files into your default build directory.

How to Implement (Via Nuget)

  1. Load the Library from Nuget.
  2. Run once LeptonicaSharp.Natives.Initialize() to copy the required dll´s
  3. Your ready to start.If this dowsnt work load the missing Dll-File from Releases.

How to extend predefined classes:

  1. You can simple extend the classes via Partial Class Pix Function DoAnything (Parameters) as Pix ' Natives always return a Pointer, ' Classes always created by a Pointer return new Pix (Natives.AnyFunction(Parameters)) End Function End Class
  2. Compile again. dont extend the main classes. it will be overwritten from the generator next build. Each Constructor can be exists once with the same Parameters. For easy extension to classes, checks and defaults check the BuildConfig.xml.

How to compile the C-DLL (Dynamic Version)

  1. Download the latest version of CMake from https://cmake.org/ and install
  2. Download the latest version of cppan from https://cppan.org/ and copy to CMake\Bin folder
  3. Open Cmd and switch to Leptonica C-Source folder. (Or shift-right click and select "CommandPrompt here")
  4. Type: "set PATH=%PATH%;C:\cmake\bin" - Change Folder to your CMake Bin Files
  5. Type: "cppan --build pvt.cppan.demo.danbloomberg.leptonica"

How to compile the C-DLL (Static Version, thanks to fdncred)

Prerequisit Tools

cppan.exe cmake/cmake-gui

  1. Put cppan.exe client in your path.
  2. Run cppan.exe --help. This will create %userprofile%.cppan
  3. Modify cppan.yml and point storage_dir to where you want your cppan dependencies
  4. cd leptonica
  5. Run ccpan.exe
  6. Run cmake-gui here and add Property "VERSION_PLAIN" with the version number
  7. Update the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX with your install path. I usually put it under the build folder.
  8. set CPPAN_BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=0 - This makes leptonica link statically so you don't have extra cppan dlls.
  9. set CPPAN_USE_CACHE=0
  10. Run configure several times updating cmake entries as necessary, until there are no more red entries. Then click generate to get vcxproj and sln files.
  11. Open sln in Visual Studio from build dir to compile "ALL_BUILD" project for Debug and Release.
  12. Build "Install" project for Debug and Release.
  13. If you did everything "right" you will end up with an install folder that has a bin folder with leptonica release and debug dlls. As well as debug and release lib files in the lib folder.


Find the Testapplication.exe and run the Examples included.

Special thanks