Collection of scripts to modify Microsoft programs and enviroments.
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This is a collection of files I use to streamline and update the computers I use. It includes .reg files for registry updates as well as .cmd script files.

This particular group of files will focus on programs and operating systems released by Microsoft. (FYI - MSFT is the stock ticker symbol for Microsoft and how I abbreviate it.)

What do the files do?

removeOneDriveFromFileExplorer.reg This will remove ‘OneDrive’ from the left panel in window’s file explorer in Win 10.

removeCreativeCloudFilesFromFileExplorer.reg This will remove ‘Creative Cloud Files’ from the left panel in window’s file explorer in Win 10.

exportPuttySettings.cmd This script will export your putty settings into a .reg file on your desktop. You can use this file to import the same setting into another computer.