This is Pico's official file prefixes plugin to drop file prefixes from page URLs.
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Pico File Prefixes

This is the repository of Pico's official file prefixes plugin.

Pico is a stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS. See for more info.

PicoFilePrefixes removes file prefixes (e.g. date identifiers) from page URLs. For example, the blog article content/blog/ normally corresponds to the page URL, however, by installing this plugin, the article will be accessible through the much more user-friendly URL This makes organizing your website's pages on the filesystem easier than ever before.


You can either install PicoFilePrefixes using Composer, or using a single PHP plugin file. We recommend you to use Composer whenever possible, because it allows you to keep the plugin up-to-date way more easily.

If you use a Composer-based installation of Pico and want to either remove or install PicoFilePrefixes, simply open a shell on your server and navigate to Pico's install directory (e.g. /var/www/html/pico/). Run composer remove phrozenbyte/pico-file-prefixes to remove PicoFilePrefixes, or run composer require phrozenbyte/pico-file-prefixes (via to install PicoFilePrefixes.

If you really want to install PicoFilePrefixes using a single PHP plugin file, download the latest release and upload the PicoFilePrefixes.php file to the plugins directory of your Pico installation (e.g. /var/www/html/pico/plugins/).

PicoFilePrefixes requires Pico 2.0+


The plugin recursively drops file prefixes of all files in the content/blog/ directory by default. You can specify other directories by altering the PicoFilePrefixes.recursiveDirs and/or PicoFilePrefixes.dirs config variables (both expect YAML lists) in your config/config.php. The former parses all files of a directory recursively (i.e. including all its subfolders), whereas the latter parses just files in this particular directory. The default configuration looks like the following:

    - blog
  dirs: []

If you want to additionally enable the plugin for the content/showcase/ directory, try the following configuration:

    - blog
    - showcase
  dirs: []

If you want to enable the plugin for any folder, try the following:

    - .
  dirs: []

To enable the plugin for pages in the content/misc/ directory only (i.e. not including subfolders like content/misc/sub/), try the following:

  recursiveDirs: []
    - misc