A free mobile solution for the MyBB forum system.
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- This product is licensed under the GNU/GPL v3 license, meaning you are free to do anything within the scope of the license. Within this package, you should find a copy of the license titled 'License.txt'.
- This version of GoMobile is a fork of the original version. This version should be compatible with MyBB 1.8.

- Before installing, please make a backup of your database and forum. This version implements some new installation features to reduce conflicts and has not been thoroughly tested, therefore caution should be exercised.

You must follow these steps to avoid any annoying issues from occuring.
- 1. Uninstall your current version of GoMobile completely (delete the theme as well), BEFORE uploading the new files. Each beta has it's own set of install/uninstall instructions, thus trying to uninstall one beta using another set of instructions will lead to errors about missing tables and such.
- 2. Delete all old GoMobile files to reduce clutter (optional, mainly just the images/mobile folder)
- 3. Upload the new files, overwriting any old ones
- 4. Install & Activate the new version

- 1. Upload the contents of the "Upload" folder to the root of your forums, keeping the folder structure intact.
- 2. Visit your ACP > Configuration > Plugins sections and hit 'Install & Activate' for MyBB GoMobile

- If you wish to limit GoMobile to certain usergroups, enable the corresponding setting in the GoMobile settings page and then set theme permissions as you would for any other theme
- You can use any combination of HTML/Text/Images in the "Mobile Board Name" field of the MyBBGM settings, although text-only is recommended for compatibility, speed and simplicity
- The "Theme ID" field of the MyBBGM settings area should have been filled automatically during installation; if it is not, visit the Templates & Style section of your Admin CP, and hover your mouse over the "MyBB GoMobile" theme. You will notice a number at the end of the URL, such as "tid=19"; this is the number (19) that you type into the Theme ID field