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This is for a Discord bot using the wrapper made for fun, used in a couple of my own servers.

If you'd like to add this bot to one of your own servers, please visit the following URL:

This requires the library, as well as all of its dependencies.

To save the data for the bot, rethinkdb is what is used:

I also use a few libraries that aren't included by default, which can be installed using pip.

python3.5 -m pip install[voice] BeautifulSoup4 youtube_dl rethinkdb ruamel.yaml pendulum Pillow==3.4.1 readline
# Or on windows
py -3 -m pip install[voice] BeautifulSoup4 youtube_dl rethinkdb ruamel.yaml pendulum Pillow==3.4.1 readline

Note: ATM of writing this, Pillow 3.4.2 (the stable version...good job Pillow?) is broken, do not use pip's default to install this. This is why we're using Pillow==3.4.1 above, and not just Pillow

The joke command requires the fortune-mod package, which are installable on Linux and other Unix-based distros.

Debian, Ubuntu, etc.:

sudo apt install fortune-mod

If you're on Red Hat, Fedora, etc., replace apt with yum. If you're on another Linux distro, I trust you know what package manager to use. If you're on Windows, you might want to check out this guide, but you're on your own.

The only required file to modify would be the config.yml.sample file. The entries are as follows:

  • bot_token: The token that can be retrieved from the bot's application page
  • owner_id: This is your ID, which can be retrieved by right clicking your name in the discord application, when developer mode is on
  • description: Self explanotory, the description for the bot
  • command_prefix: A list of the prefixes you want the bot to respond to, if none is provided in the config file ! will be used
  • default_status: The default status to use when the bot is booted up, which will populate the "game" that the bot is playing
  • discord_bots_key: The key for the site, if you don't have a key just leave it blank, it should fail and log the failure
  • carbon_key: The key used for the carbonitex site
  • twitch_key: The twitch token that is used for the API calls
  • youtube_key: The key used for youtube API calls
  • osu_key: The key used for Osu API calls
  • shard_count: This is the number of shards the bot is split over. 1 needs to be used if the bot is not being sharded
  • shard_id: This will be the ID of the shard in particular, 0 if sharding is not used
  • extensions: This is a list of the extensions loaded into the bot (check the cogs folder for the extensions available). The disabled playlist is a special that file for what its purpose is....most likely you will not need it. Entries in this list need to be separated by ", " like in the example.
  • db_*: This is the information for the rethinkdb database. The cert is the certificate used for driver connections
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