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PaySplit is an optimized payment gateway on a mobile device that allows you to take a picture of a receipt, and generates a digital version using optical character recognition. The app displays all the items with their amounts. This allows you to select any item to request payment from your contacts, and pay the bill.
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Paysplit Web Client

Split payments!

Install this thing

You'll want to clone this repo. Once you've done that, give it one of these bad boys:

Note: If you do not have Yarn installed on your computer you'll need it. Install it here:


This will install all of the dependencies you'll need.

yarn is a package manager that a lot of frontend devs like because of it's speed.

Not done yet

Let's get our npm packages too.

npm install && npm install -d

Now we need to install the client dependencies:

Client setup

Get into the client directory:

cd client

Now do this:


then this:

npm install

Almost done, now let's add the .env file to our client:

touch .env

Put this line of code into that file:


Awesome. Now let's navigate out of our folder.

cd ..

Once you've installed all the dependencies, you can launch the app to your local server with:

yarn dev

And away you go!

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