Voxel plugin for Unreal Engine
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voxel plugin™

voxel plugin™ allows to create fully volumetric, entirely destructible, infinite worlds in Unreal Engine. It is compatible with 4.18 and 4.19.

For more info, check the website: https://voxelplugin.com


Precompiled version (recommended)

You can get a precompiled version of the plugin on Gumroad and Sellfy.

Building from source

You can also build this repo. To do that, you will need the Texture Arrays fork of UE: https://voxel-plugin.readthedocs.io/en/latest/texturearrays.html. If you don't have the Texture Arrays fork, please use the Gumroad version.

Pricing & Licensing

There are two editions of the plugin available:

  • a free version (this one), with limited features
  • a pro version with more features, which you can check out on the website

Both versions can be used commercially.


Free version

  • Fully volumetric and entirely destructible terrain
  • Infinite worlds with seamless LODs
  • Ultra smooth edits: up to 50 times per second on a single chunk
  • VR Ready: everything is done in background threads, allowing for a constant 90fps
  • Up to 256 materials, with smooth transitions and texture support through Texture Arrays
  • Complete Blueprint interface
  • C++ World Generators to create your own worlds

Pro version

  • Easy to use custom graph system to create your own worlds
  • Multiplayer
  • Importers: import from meshes, heightmaps, landscapes, MagicaVox, 3D Coat and splines
  • Voxel Physics: enable physics on floating voxel blocks
  • Grass and Voxel Actors
  • Pro Support

Docs & Support

The docs of the plugin are hosted at https://voxel-plugin.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

To get support, you can either:

For issues, please use https://gitlab.com/Phyronnaz/VoxelPluginIssues/issues


Materials 50Hz Edits Grass & Voxel Actors (Pro only) Infinite World Multiplayer (Pro only) Entirely Destructible Import Meshes, Heightmaps, Landscape, Splines, MagicaVox assets, 3D Coat assets (Pro only) Fully Volumetric Voxel Physics (Pro only)