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  1. PhysiCell-Studio PhysiCell-Studio Public

    PhysiCell Studio is a graphical tool to allow easy editing of a (XML) model, create initial positions of cells, run a simulation, and visualize results. To contribute, fork and make PRs to the deve…

    Python 19 11

  2. python-loader python-loader Public

    Python data loader for PhysiCell digital snapshots

    Python 8 12

  3. PhysiCell-Jupyter-GUI PhysiCell-Jupyter-GUI Public

    Template Jupyter notebook for PhysiCell-powered nanoHUB apps

    C++ 7 8

  4. PhysiCell-povwriter PhysiCell-povwriter Public

    Simple cutaway POV-Ray

    C++ 3 3

  5. matlab-loader matlab-loader Public

    Matlab data loader


  6. DAPT-example DAPT-example Public

    Simple examples showing how DAPT can be used with PhysiCell.

    C++ 1


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