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! !
! FILE: StatRoutines.F90 !
! CONTAINS: subroutine CalcStats,WriteStats !
! !
! PURPOSE: Calculates and writes out statistics for !
! the flow field. All quantities are averaged in the !
! two horizontal (homogeneous) directions !
! !
subroutine CalcStats
use param
use local_arrays, only: vz,vy,vx,temp
use decomp_2d, only: xstart,xend
use stat_arrays
use mpih
implicit none
real :: usnzm,usnym
integer :: i,j,k
nstatsamples = nstatsamples + 1
usnym = 1.0/nym
usnzm = 1.0/nzm
do i=xstart(3),xend(3)
do j=xstart(2),xend(2)
do k=1,nxm
vx_me(k) = vx_me(k) + vx(k,j,i)*usnzm*usnym
vy_me(k) = vy_me(k) + vy(k,j,i)*usnzm*usnym
vz_me(k) = vz_me(k) + vz(k,j,i)*usnzm*usnym
temp_me(k) = temp_me(k) + temp(k,j,i)*usnzm*usnym
vx_rms(k) = vx_rms(k) + vx(k,j,i)**2*usnzm*usnym
vy_rms(k) = vy_rms(k) + vy(k,j,i)**2*usnzm*usnym
vz_rms(k) = vz_rms(k) + vz(k,j,i)**2*usnzm*usnym
temp_rms(k) = temp_rms(k) + &
& temp(k,j,i)**2*usnzm*usnym
tempvx_me(k) = tempvx_me(k) + &
& temp(k,j,i)*vx(k,j,i)*usnzm*usnym
end do
end do
end do
subroutine WriteStats
use mpih
use param
use stat_arrays
use hdf5
implicit none
integer :: nstatsamples_old
character*30 dsetname_vxme
character*30 dsetname_vyme
character*30 dsetname_vzme
character*30 dsetname_tempme
character*30 dsetname_vxrms
character*30 dsetname_vyrms
character*30 dsetname_vzrms
character*30 dsetname_temprms
character*30 dsetname_tempvxme
character*30 dsetname_dissth
character*30 dsetname_disste
character*30 filnam,dsetname
logical :: fexist
filnam = trim('stafield_master.h5')
dsetname_vxme = trim('vx_mean')
dsetname_vyme = trim('vy_mean')
dsetname_vzme = trim('vz_mean')
dsetname_tempme = trim('temp_mean')
dsetname_vxrms = trim('vx_rms')
dsetname_vyrms = trim('vy_rms')
dsetname_vzrms = trim('vz_rms')
dsetname_temprms = trim('temp_rms')
dsetname_tempvxme = trim('tempvx_mean')
dsetname_dissth = trim('dissth')
dsetname_disste = trim('disste')
dsetname = trim('averaging_time')
if (.not.fexist) then
if(ismaster) write(6,*) 'Unable to read statistical files'
if(ismaster) write(6,*) 'Restarting statistics from zero'
end if
if (ismaster) then
if(readstats) then
call HdfSerialReadIntScalar(dsetname,filnam,nstatsamples_old)
nstatsamples = nstatsamples + nstatsamples_old
call HdfCreateBlankFile(filnam)
end if
call StatReadReduceWrite(vx_me,filnam,dsetname_vxme)
call StatReadReduceWrite(vy_me,filnam,dsetname_vyme)
call StatReadReduceWrite(vz_me,filnam,dsetname_vzme)
call StatReadReduceWrite(temp_me,filnam,dsetname_tempme)
call StatReadReduceWrite(vx_rms,filnam,dsetname_vxrms)
call StatReadReduceWrite(vy_rms,filnam,dsetname_vyrms)
call StatReadReduceWrite(vz_rms,filnam,dsetname_vzrms)
call StatReadReduceWrite(temp_rms,filnam,dsetname_temprms)
call StatReadReduceWrite(tempvx_me,filnam,dsetname_tempvxme)
if(disscal) then
call StatReadReduceWrite(dissth,filnam,dsetname_dissth)
call StatReadReduceWrite(disste,filnam,dsetname_disste)
end if
if (ismaster) then
call HdfSerialWriteIntScalar(dsetname,filnam,nstatsamples)
dsetname = trim('X_cordin')
call HdfSerialWriteReal1D(dsetname,filnam,xm,nxm)
dsetname = trim('Rayleigh Number')
call HdfSerialWriteRealScalar(dsetname,filnam,ray)
dsetname = trim('Prandtl Number')
call HdfSerialWriteRealScalar(dsetname,filnam,pra)